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lan architecture

¿qué os parece este baño? , me encanta… laluz, el juego de la madera, con las paredes blancas… la ducha… Es un proyecto de Renovation of a luxury hotel … del estudio Lan architecture.   LAN Architecture agency August 6th 2002, Paris
LAN Architecture was created in 2002 by Benoit Jallon and Umberto Napolitano, architects DPLG, who graduated from Paris-La Villette architecture school in 2001. Lo componen Benoit Jallon May 18th 1972, Grenoble (FR)lan architecture y Umberto Napolitano. November 27th 1975, Naples (IT)

Four stages of renovations were necessary in order to correct a host of problems at the site:
– reorganization of the entry to the site and the walking paths.
– renovation of the public spaces, including the lobby, restaurant, bar etc.
– renovation and reorganization of the 55 suites.
– renovation of the facades.
A small transformation that radically changes the ambiance.
In the communal spaces, a new vocabulary was created using large cements floor tiles and blocks of exotic wood, vertically posed.  In the suites, the plan was not only to reorganize the plan, and hierarchize different spaces, but to create a new palette of materials, as in the communal spaces: mosaic, wood panels lacquered in different colors, and local exotic woods.  
lan architecture

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